Why doesn't this girl like me?

This is going to sound cocky no matter how I approach it, so just roll with it but know that in real life I dont go around pointing out how awesome I am (I dont even think I am that awesome, but I certainly think that I am a good match for this girl).

There is this girl that I really really like, and for a while I thought maybe she liked me back, and I planned on asking her out but she started seeming less interested in me and I got a bad vibe so I didn't. I am just trying to understand why she doesn't like me, she is an international student from Brazil, and I am a white American guy. However I am the only white American guy I know of at our college who is fluent in Portuguese (since I lived in Brazil for 6 years with my dads job). I understand her language, and culture which is not something a lot of Americans can say. I am good looking according to online ratings, and according to the 15 or so Brazillian women who showed interest in me while I lived there (Brazillian women really liked me), but even if all the Brazillian girls in the world like me, if this girl doesn't then that really hurts because of how into her I am. Other then that I am planning on going to Med School and becoming a doctor, I am very friendly and easy to get along with, and I dont party, I drink rarely, and I dont smoke, and neither does she. I just feel like I am such a good match for her, I dont understand why she doesn't like me. All of her Brazillian friends always try to get her to go out with me, and they all really like me, but this girl just doesn't seem as into me and I can't figure out why. What could be the reason?


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  • Get to know her a bit more.. Maybe you're coming off a bit too strong and she doesn't know much about you yet or is quite comfortable dating you at the moment. Don't over think it.. Take things slow


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  • I felt that way about a few girls, but I never knew if they were into me because I never made a move. If you really like her make a move and see what happens.