He didn't accept my Facebook friend request and we're dating?

We're dating and text and talk on the phone so finally I try to add him on facebook and it's been days and nothing. He's been on facebook too because I saw he liked a mutual friend's profile pic that was posted after I sent the request. What's his deal?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He probably got something on his Facebook that he does not want you to know about.

    • that's what I'm thinking!

What Girls Said 1

  • Girl, keep calm. Everyonedoesn't always check their friend requests as soon as they check their Facebook. Give him some space and time. It's no biggie. In a few days if he still doesn't talk it out with him. Don't push it, just talk it out. And if he does t have a valid reason and refuses to. He's not worth you. Move on.