Where to touch him when making out?

I've been going out with this guy for a couple of months. We made out and he always touched me everywhere he could (like boobs, butt etc). Now I really want to return the favor and turn him on for once. I've dated guys before him and touched them and stuff but it's kinda different with him. I really don't know where to touch him except fir his back, neck and thighs. I want to touch his junk but I just don't know how all of a sudden. The problem is that he always wears jeans and as if that's not already hard enough he wears a belt (and I really can't open those). So how can I touch him down there? I don't want to touch him over his jeans because it just doesn't feel right for me. I don't want to tell him to take off his pants either because probably I'm not going to do anything. Anyway I don't know what he likes I've had guys with weird preferences. So how can I touch him? Should I ask him? Can i turn him on by touching somewhere else?


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  • Touch his belly first, teasingly go down with your hands and stroke the edge of his pants. Touch his hips around his junk. Make teasing eye contact. Maybe play a bit with his belt, as if you're about to loosen it. He'll get the hint and possibly guide you further.


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  • Anywhere you want

  • Why can't you undo a belt?


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