Everyone always say I'm cute and handsome yet for some reason I always fail with girls, why?

My whole life I was told I'm cute and handsome. When I was little only my parents and other adults (not from my family) used to say that, but over the years even my friends started saying I am cute (both girl and guy friends) . So even though I apeerantly am attractive, every time I try to get a girl she refuses usually saying that we don't know each other enough and stuff like that. I absolutely have no idea why does that happen. I'm bringing this up because I recently fell in love with a girl (never dated her we're not even friends we just know each other ). The thing is I've been in love with her ever since I first saw her and believe me that was a long time ago (about a few months) and I still feel the same. I asked her out a month ago and she said no because we don't know each other enough so I've gotten close to her and the more I get to know her the more I love her.
I can't give up on her and I just have to know why do girls reject me so I can actually get her.


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  • Maybe you have a bad personality. It's not all about looks but you are still very young, just keep trying to talk to her and other girls.


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  • Because ideally, the body is a manifestation of the mind. If a decent looking guy is struggling to get a grip, it's obvious he has mental problems and is working backwards.

    That said, take it easy on the love thing. Younger girls aren't very sensitive to the fact you're a bit raw and come off as weird when you're filled with emotions like this. Simplify the approach and don't make it a big deal. Set up a casual date. Don't admit love so fast, that's scary to her.