Valentine's Day?

Dating a guy for over a month. Valentines Day is around the corner...I really do not think he remembers that Sunday is VDay and has already mentioned that he has made plans with friends that day. He should still feel obligated to send flowers or something right? Or can he get away with doing and saying nothing?


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  • V-day is the most unromantic day of the year. Obligated to do something? Yeah, that's what you really want right.

    V-day is for that guy who doesn't show his love throughout the year. It is highly commercialized and if I watched TV, I'm sure I'd see diamond commercials and such. I plan on making special cookies (not like the special brownies kind) though our dinner plans were postponed. Both of us are sick at the moment and wouldn't enjoy dining out.


What Girls Said 1

  • You are just dating, it has been just over a month, so, yes, he can totally ignore the day. Even if wants to do something, I am not sure what a guy who has not known you that long can do without looking weird. He is not your boyfriend and Valentine's Day is more of a boyfriend/husband day than any sort of casual dating day. See what happens. I think it can be tough to start dating someone right before Valentine's. They can either come across looking like a jerk or looking desperate.