Why do I always feel so insecure when I'm with someone I really like?

I've noticed with past girlfriends or women I was dating, that the more I liked them the more insecure I felt. Currently, I've been dating a woman for about 2 months now, and I feel very insecure about my height, weight, and overall personality with her. I feel like I'm not tall enough or that she would like me taller, I lift a lot but still have a bit of fat to lose so I'm concerned about my appearance, and I have this fear that she may see me as weak for some reason.

Its not just with her though, I've noticed it with a few women in the past, usually the ones I liked a lot. And not so much with the women I wasn't really interested in. The woman and I are still dating so I imagine everything is fine and she likes me, but why do I feel almost inferior to her? Why do I have a tendency to feel this way with someone I really like?


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  • It could be that u were bullied growing up, someone closest to u, a stranger, or a girl said something that hurt u, or u feel the pressure of tv's unrealistic expectations of what men should look like. You just have to be comfortable with who u are & this girl ur dating doesn't care about ur height & etc, cuz she's likes everything about u. If she didn't like u she wouldn't be with u. :) It's best & healthy to stop feeling so insecure & embrace who u are & what u have cuz being with a insecure person can be difficult & hurt the relationship.


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  • You fail to hold your height, weight and overall personality in high regard. Thus, according to your post, your fears are heightened and subconsciously extracted to the forefront when you are in their presence.

    Or, put another way, you think the women are out of your league. And, since you are dissatisfied with certain aspects of yourself, then, you feel that they, too, will be dissatisfied with you. Thus, the incessant concern.