Is there different types of "the spark", which one is better long term?

Spark A: exciting, passionate, games played, the type where you draft messages before you send them

Spark B: calming, easy, happy, can be 100% yourself and no games

spark C: doesn't exist, spark is made up

  • Spark A is best
    40% (2)80% (4)60% (6)Vote
  • Spark B is best
    60% (3)20% (1)40% (4)Vote
  • Option C - doesn't exist
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
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Let's just pretend that all options have great sex too just for those who say that's most important :p


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  • Spark B is best for friends but I've found myself incapable of falling in love when spark A isn't there. There has to be some passion and fun. "Only B" guys end up jn the friendzone. Maybe it would be better if this were not the case, but I think this is just the way it is for a lot of people.

    • But say in the long term, wouldn't you rather marry your best friend? Like its fun with them it's just lacking that little bit of excitement

    • Nope. Still just a friend. But who knows, I haven't found the one yet. I've had a boyfriend who I only had spark A with, didn't work out in the end either.

  • Spark b is better