Would you leave your significant other in a war?

for example, your country went to war with your significant others country - would you leave him or her or treat them like the enemy? or say "my country will Trump yours!"? would you trust them or their people?


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  • I'd stay with him. The war is between two leaders not two citizens of the two countries. Just because my country went to war with his that doesn't mean I'd condone the war.

    I'd worry about him being caught up in the war, in the sense I'd worry about him getting hurt or killed as collateral damage. I'd want us to run away together so we could be safe together.


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  • Well the only way for that to happen was for me to date a Russian girl in which case no I wouldn't do anything besides wait for the storm to blow over and hope I survive. Chances are I'd probably leave the country along with her to a neutral place.


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  • Well, if by some odd chance Canada went to war with Germany, I'd have no choice but to fight as I do in fact work for the military. Now, if I move to Germany, and become a naturalised citizen it may become a different story as then I would be fighting for my new country against my old one. I'd always trust her, and her people. Wars are political decisions, and if your SO loves you he/she will still love you no matter what happens.