Why does he go silent after we spend time together?

I met a 52 yr old guy on match, he is 12 years older than I. He was very interested to begin and then after a few more dates his interest faded. He ghosted me and reappeared. We both continued with other dates but continued to contact with each other. He will go weeks without texting me then suddenly say 'Hi' We chat and he usually asks me out, the last 2 accasions we've met he's always affectionate etc and makes effort but always goes quiet on me directly afterwards. I had asked him to clarify where I stood and he said ' let's just spend some time together and see where it goes ' but we only seem to meet up every couple of months. I have texted him at times and had short replys so I leave the ball in his court. After 7 dates and knowing him 6 mths we were intimate but it was clear to me that age was not on his side in the bedroom and he was genially challenged (small). This isn't a big issue to me but I kinda get why he'd hold back. I just don't get why on our last date we spent NYE together, I spent the night, had breakfast next morning and then radio silence... I'm thinking maybe this is some kind of passive aggressive game or he's keeping his options open and how do I tackle things when he decides to next get in touch. Help from a male mind?


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  • Sounds to me like he's dating out of convenience; when he gets bored he hits you up. Cut your losses and walk, doesn't sound like you're missing out on much anyway.


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  • Just walk away what a waste of time.