What's wrong with him?

Me and my man were texting he was asking how I was and I said I was sick so he replied hope ur feeling better. I replies saying that I feel like crap but thanks. And he just replied with u welcome. He's basically being kinda distant I feel like I'm getting short responses and he just doesn't carecare. He also usually calls me sweet endearing names but its like this time I'm his associate or friend which is weird. I don't know what's going on or why he is being this way coz the last time we saw each other or spoke before that was fine. What do you guys think?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It could be any number of things, and your guess is as good as anyone else's. He could be going through something at the moment, he could be distancing himself from you, he could be over things, etc... There are so many possibilities. You should talk to him, because you'll just assume and it probably won't be right.


What Girls Said 1

  • It could be that he is just having a rough day or maybe he isn't able to give as long responses as usual because he's busy.

    I wouldn't think too much of it unless the next time you see him he is being distant.