How do I tell my boyfriend I want to be a cam girl?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, we have a 1 year old baby. We work our asses off but don't have much money. I want to buy a house for us, and get out of our shitty apartment, but I need some money to put down.

My friend is a cam girl, and she said she makes like up to $1000 a week sometimes. I really want to make the money on top of my regular job, but I know I will need to tell my boyfriend.

I used to be a gogo dancer (which is no nudity, just dancing at raves and clubs, I danced for Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka) and when I first started that he was upset but eventually got over it and had fun coming to my shows. The way he freaked out about that at first makes me worried he will get mad about camming.

How can I explian to him it's literally just me doing things on camera BY MYSELF and that the money will be really good for us, without either of us having to get another shitty job.


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  • Holy crap you can get that much a week!
    Can I be a cam guy!

    On a serious note I'd just be straight up, explain how much you can make and that you are only doing this too provide the best for him and you're child, and that you love him and will only do it with his support
    Hope it all goes well

    • You can be a cam guy! But it caters to gay men, so that's who you would be preforming for.

    • I'm only kidding haha I earn close to that atm on my current job, but hey if ever need some extra money! ;)

    • Yeah! It's your own hours and you're in control just by yourself.

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  • Not all cam girls get completely naked. There are certain "fantasy" ones where all you have to do is dress up as whatever the preferred is, and there you go!

    • That would be preferred. I have a lot of nice lingerie, so I would try to get away with not going fully nude.

    • That could work. You could let him know that and a lot of guys are into that.
      I watched this documentary one time where this girl was a cam girl and her boyfriend actually helped her pick her outfits as well as help her get styled for it.

      I say just confront him about it and let him know.


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  • A cam girl is actually a pretty fine thing to do in "that" field.

  • Talk up what your friend does and how much she makes and what you can do with that money.

  • It is ultimately up to you, but remember, people who know you could say something and make it really awkward. It is not just your boyfriend... his parents may find out, yours, any siblings etc.,

    What do you say to your child someday if someone ever brings it up?

    The easy money is not always the best choice. If I were you I would look at other options first and only go to the camming as a last resort.

  • $1000/wk isn't really a lot of money.

  • Why don't you just stab a knife right into his heart anyway? Like is money really that much more important to you than having a healthy relationship to your boyfriend and a good role-model to your child?

  • Inb4 your boyfriend is working for rentagents

    Break up

  • what is a cam girl?


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  • 1. Your physical appearance matters
    2. Your personality actually matters
    3. You have to make a fan base if you want to actually make a career and that means you have to become well known between a group of people or in other words be an internet prostitute to have a career as a cam girl you can't stay 'anonymous' if you want money. you have to be in contact with at least a group of your viewers to keep them around you paying you.
    4. If you have all of those then the hours you spend on cam matters. It is exhausting and putting more than 10-12 hours a week playing with yourself can make you unhealthy. You will never make 1000$ fixed a week if you don't work too hard and don't have a number of fans. So if you want to want to be the average cam girl forget about 1000$ a week.
    5. The different things you are willing to do is important. The more you do the more you make.

    How much you want to do? You have a boyfriend and have a baby. How many hours do you want to put in it and how deep do you want to go into different fetishes to grow your fan base?

    If you don't even want to go fully naked or want to put 5-10 hours a week then don't think about making a career off this. You will make some money for a period of time then you may even lose popularity.

    And apart from that, if you really get into it and put that many hours then you will hurt your relationship if not lose it and your child will be affected by it too. If you were single and had no child I would just mention those 5 points and pass. But you have a child.

    Also all sexual 'careers' have a very short life. How many years do you think you can do this? I actually talked to someone in summer she said I make as much as I made as a nurse with 15 hours a week, instead of 40 hours a week as a nurse. But she didn't know she could be a nurse for the next 30 years and improve her education and income, but you can be in this for roughly 10-12 years and you will lose your fans and income by every passing year as you get older, 30+.

    "without either of us having to get another shitty job." You will have to work another job later in your life to live anyway.

    Think clearly. Think about these, think about its longevity, think about your relationship and child, see it in the long term. Then choose.

    I don't think without telling something unrealistically optimistic to your boyfriend you can convince him if he really cares. But then maybe he doesn't have a problem. So I would just tell him straightforward.

    • Definitely good tips, I already have a job, but my boyfriend is finishing up school to start a career where I wouldn't have to work. I sometimes just feel so desperate, like I work so hard and just need something extra to do, but not like a second job that will require me to be on their time taking away time from my family. My friend loves it, and works for a good company though. I am attractive, I was a gogo dancer, and this just seems easier than a second real job. You're post does make me worried about if my son was to see a video of me once he was older. My boyfriend works during the week, and I work weekends and only a couple days during the week, and I could do it for a few hours a day while he is out, so hopefully I could kind of keep it from interfering with our time together. I really appreciate your post, I will definitely think hard about it.

    • You're very welcome. Money is good, just be careful you don't spoil your existing emotional stability chasing it. If you get emotionally and mentally under pressure, then you can't make money in any job.

  • Sounds like a poor strategy if you only think of $$$ cos your girlfriend is getting it. Bad investment in the long run when your boyfriend disagrees.