Should I kiss her on our second date?

alright, well... I started dating this girl a couple of weeks ago, and we went on one date where we drove around and stopped, laid down in the car and stared at the stars and talked. we talked a long time before the first date. she said ":) we should really go out for a coffee sometime! :)" in the message and that is what sparked this date... after the date I said, "Sorry if I'm not what you expected" and she said "You're better than I expected". ever since, she's been ending messages with x's and o's.

she mentioned recently that we should hang out again soon, and we are going to see a movie tomorrow night. I know she is interested because we have been talking quite sometime, but only recently started officially dating because of school and work issues. she also hinted PROM in a message "just trying to figure out who would ever consider taking me to prom"

I am thinking about trying to kiss her, but I think she is shy. at the movies I am going to try holding her hand, because she said she really liked me too... and has been much more talkative ever since. what do you say? Do I move in?!?!


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  • Are you stupid? No, you shouldn't kiss her on the second date. You should have kissed her on the first date. Are you really that dense? She did every thing but beg you to kiss her on the first date.


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  • Don't ask for a kiss. Only you will know if the situation is right for a kiss.

  • Go for it! Definitely seems like she's interested, especially if she says she really likes you