What to do when the guy you like is a horrible texter?

Okay, okay so I kinda like this guy and we've been talking for like 2 weeks now. He's sweet, charming, cute, and funny but over text and snapchat.. it's just a whole other story. I mean... sometimes we have really good conversations and other times I just have no clue how to respond... like it's just very hard to answer to. I wanna know what some of you guys have done or said in these kinda situations. I mean I hate to lol him cus ya know.. that's like the ultimate end to a conversation but sometimes that's all I can do..


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  • i wanna read other opinions so imma put this right here, thank you.


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  • Let me get this right: in person, you two have great chemistry, he's interested, interesting, sweet, etc and you have awesome convos. But your problem is when he's texting/snap chatting with you? Well, will you be dating him over snapchat? Are you going to only ever be sexting him? Maybe I'm too old... or too old fashioned, but relationships happen between people. If you two are great Mano y Mano than why worry about anything else?