So this girl I talk to, I really like her... BUT SHE HAS THE SAME NAME AS MY MOM?

sure, theyre more than just a name, and i never called my mom buy her first name, but i still know what her first name is. she's mom, but she's also karen. i can't help but associate the names

now i can see myself seriously dating this girl, but how can i be in a serious relationship with a girl who has the first name of my mom. its just so weird to me


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  • Maybe your mom would like her more for you though haha

    • probably, but i dont really care how much my parents like a girl i bring home. the most i'll do with my parents opinion is tell the girl that they like her

    • I understand. Before now I didn't see it as a prob with a guy having the same name as a family member. I thought it was cute. But yea now that would be weird

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  • If it really bothers you that much, it's better if you don't' date her.

    I too would personally not be able to date a woman who has the same name as my mom. It just does not work for me. Besides, I don't think i can ever have sex with this woman.

    • no no, i'll have sex with her i just will never seriously date her

    • In my case, I think I might be able to have a relationship with her (although tough), but I can NEVER have sex with a woman having the same name as my mom. Not just sex, I can't even do anything remotely sexual with her.


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  • I know the feeling. I mean, I can never date someone who has the same name as my dad.


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  • That is something petty, but I can imagine how she will always remind you of your mom as if it were dating your own mom. In any case, you can always give her a cute nickname and call her that instead yeah?

    • i'm the type to never call my friends or family by their nickname if i know their first name, first names are just more sincere. i guess i will make up a nickname for her but i'm sure her full name will come out in the future.