When you first start seeing someone how much contact should you have?

We've been only dating two weeks, we have gone out 3 times and we text everyday. I'm just wondering is it too much like we just text little things but is everyday a lot. I don't want to suffocate him either. So what do you think is the right amount? I know everyone is different like my best friend only sees her guy once a week and they don't text each other much.


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  • There is no "right amount" - you don't weigh this like a bag of candy at the store. This initial texting madness will soon fade, though, so no worries.


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  • I usually talk to them everyday, usually If the conversation is flowing then I will talk to them for ages, however i'm understanding that they have a life and don't need to respond right away as I don't either. I try to have a 'good' conversation in the evening when I'm the most free.


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  • niye öyle diyon ki belki anlamayacak değil mi kardeşim canım benim

    • I don't speak Turkish!!!

    • ahah okay , Just view 1 time a week.

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