Sheltered very controlled childhood?

till this day at 23 my mother tries to control me. She has given us a very sheltered childhood, because of that im very reserved and I barely have friends left, never had a boyfriend because I just can't live a normal social life in this house without being critized. controlled, cursed at and made feel guilty. I can't move out yet I need my degree. Im scared I won't have self control when im out...


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  • If you are scared about it, you know what you have to look out for.

    Move out, get your own place and take things slowly. Think before you act. And don't get drunk soon after or else you might explode by the removal of inhibitions. Take your time to explore more step-by-step of things your controlling mom prevented you from doing. Maybe make a list of what new thing you want to experience per week.

    And last but not least, learn to get rid of the mental shackles your mom will still have on you after moving out. 23 years is a long time of conditioning your brain and you need to learn to move past that and overcome those shackles.


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  • Move to a cheap dorm at your university, get a part time job to pay for it. Whatever you have to do to get out.


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  • "Im scared I won't have self control when im out..." thats such a bunch of bullshit. noone is responsiblefor your actions but yourself.


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