Is it acceptable to ask my boyfriend to get rid of his chest hair?

I love him to death but I really, really hate chest hair and he has so much of it :/ Is that mean of me to ask him to do? I mean, I'm expected to be hairless everywhere except the top of my head... Can I ask him to shave his chest hair?


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  • You shave eyebrows too?

    Is chest hair that big of a problem for you?

    • Um. I have to get them waxed or plucked to keep them tidy...
      It's very difficult to get past sexually. It's a turn off.

    • That scares me though, because I have chest hair too, and I woudn't want to wax it off.
      But you should let him know what you feel about chest hair.

    • I have armpit hair and leg hair and arm hair and a little bit of hair on my upper lip and eyebrows and pubic hair I have to make sure that's all constantly in check. Should I be scared about getting waxed or shaving? (And yes I've gotten my entire pubic area waxed before)

      I didn't say wax even for him, if he could even just shave it off that would make things better...

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  • If he has a problem with your body hair and places those expectations on you, it is fair to ask the same of him.


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  • If my girl told me to do that I'd tell her to fuck off


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  • I mean its not mean, but you can definitely ask him. lol Wax not shave it'l be so uncomfortable if he shaves

  • I guess so! I don't like it either.