How much fatter are you when you're naked?

Hi! Just wondering because my boyfriend wants naked sex. We've only had sex bottom half naked before.. So how much fatter do you look when you're naked? Don't want to freak him out :/
because I have a bulge in my stomach near the bottom :( ps I'm 165cm and 61 kg
thanks! Oh and are guys a lot more turned on if you're fully naked even though you're a bit fat? :/


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  • Guys are super visual. If he likes you/loves you, He will want to see you naked and will accept you, You Must find a way for your own happiness do one of two things if you ever plan to have a successful relationship. 1) accept who you are, the things you cannot change and find a way to be comfortable in your own skin. Or 2) promise yourself you will do something to correct the problem. And then return to step 1. I know several people who were unhappy with their body due to excess weight. Only to lose the excess weight and find out they weren't any happier because of some new flaw. Only you know what your issues are better than anyone sle. Only you can fix them. If you do nothing, your issue will only manifest into something else and it WILL cause issues in your relationships for the rest of your life. Sex, intimacy (no those two things are not the same) honesty and openness are the four most important parts to a successful relationship. Without all four, your relationship will suffer. Best of luck to you.


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  • Well... the same. I don't get fatter because I get naked. I've never been worried about showing myself naked in front of my boyfriend because he knows I'm thin. I've never felt the need to hide myself. I can't change it and if I know not everybody will like a body like mine. Many men will. If anything, my boyfriend didn't expect my breast to be so big.


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  • Only if your guy is a chubby chaser. How much fat are we talking about? A little bit of fat is not the end of the world.

  • You're always the same fat. It's just if people can see it or not.

    • Or unless you lose or gain weight, but besides that it doesn't matter what you wear or don't wear if you're fat you're fat.

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    • Probably would look fatter without the clothes since you can see it fully. Either way even with clothes on I can clearly tell if a girl is fat or not.

    • *it being her body

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  • Honey. You're worried about your stomach but he's already seen your stomach. Your weight is totally fine. Don't even worry about it.

    And honestly if he is bothered by it, he's not good enough for you anyway.