How to give good head?

Trying to work through my 'sexual' bucket list if you like. I've never done it before and just want tips for the summer.


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  • Nice and sloppy, be enthusiastic.


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  • Bear in mind, this is for "His pleasure only". You might enjoy it just for the satisfaction bit, from the positive reaction you see from the guys. Aside from satisfaction, it really doesn't do nothing for you having his penis in your mouth. Personally, I (might be weird compared to most guys) prefer going down on women more than receiving oral pleasure. Giving oral pleasure differs for every man. Ask the guy how he likes it before doing the job... lol

    Mouth. NEVER USE TEETH! TEETH IS FUCKING SCARY! WE WILL FUCKING KNOW WHEN YOU GO VAMPIRE MODE! When a man goes down on you, have you ever felt his teeth? If you guys are into BDSM... I guess it's okay? Typically, like the guys' mouth/tongue on clit/vagina pressure, we prefer no teeth. PLEASE... our penis is just as sensitive. Cover that shit up with your lips (the one right beneath your nose). Not sure how to say this, but each penis you encounter likes the level of wetness differently. Some like it when sloppy wet while others like it clean. So know get acquainted with his penis.

    Grip. I understand oral is oral, but work with your hands too... in stroking motions (similar to when a penis is going in and out of the vagina - not grinding or swirling). If the grip is adequate (not to hard or soft for his standards), your mouth isn't necessary... he'll blow his load just by you breathing at his tip. [[[[Expiremental: Okay this part is where things get a bit crazy, but depending on your guy, your other hand can wonder behind his nether regions (INQUIRE ABOUT HIS COMFORT LEVEL ON THIS MATTER - NOT ALL MEN LIKES HANDS OR OBJECTS WANDERING ON/NEAR THEIR... yeah).]]]]


    • Take your time. A bit redundant to what I have said in the beginning, but nothing pisses us more than a woman giving oral pleasure and rushes through the whole ordeal like it's a chore. WE KNOW! Why the hell was it termed blow/hand job? We know you're doing this shit for us, but pretending doesn't help either party. Don't give oral if you don't want to... no one is forcing you to... you will only ruin the moment for the guy if he picks up on this. So please if you want to give oral to the guy, show us that you're interested and enjoying it as much as we are.

      Tips for the summer: Be spontaneous when doing the deed! The penis will know what's routine and what's spontaneous... not to mention, it's hot as fuck when a woman pulls me to the side, pull my pants and boxers down, and takes point. Public (alley, bathroom, while driving (for safety reasons, please pull the car and park), his/your office, movies, etc or away from the public eye (not at as exciting, but to each own).

  • Deepthroat, lick his cock and balls, and jerk him off while you do it

  • one word or maybe two, deepthroat


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