I'm honestly confused?

There's a guy I'm seeing and the other day I was over his house we were chilling with each other it was pretty late about 5 am and we were just up talking. I went to the bathroom and when I came back he said he had to go and pick up his friend from the airport and he'd be back in 15-20 minutes. Before he left he kissed my forehead a few and asked for a kiss on the lips, something that's never happened before. Long story short he never came back and I haven't talked to him since that day. Wtf could be the reason behind this stupidity? My feelings are hurt but I just don't get why he'd do that.


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  • File a missing person report, he was probably abducted by aliens


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  • That's weird, especially since he's the one that asked for the kiss and gave the initial kisses. Maybe he honestly is busy with something, family, work, etc. Maybe send a short text letting him know you enjoyed his kiss and see if he responds or just go see him in person and see what's up.. just don't go too crazy with it and accusing him of things or "confronting him," if this was a first time thing.