What do I do when my girlfriend says sorry and I don't know what she did wrong?

So tonight we were hanging out with friends and I took something of hers jokingly that she wanted back. I kept it from her and we were joking around and when i knew she really wanted it back and was getting a little ticked off i gave it back to her. My friend got something else and tossed it to me but I was going to give it right to her but i was kneling on the floor laughing at something else that had just happened. She pushed me over onto the floor and I kept laughing but I gave it right to her. Our friends kept fucking around but I stopped knowing she was getting agitated and they stopped too soon after. When everybody left she closed the door and asked me a bunch of times if she had hurt me and I said no (which was the truth) and we left and joined everyone else. A little while ago she text me just saying "Im Sorry". I responded asking "for what?" and she said "Everything. Anything really just apply it to something." I said right after "But u didn't do anything wrong" and asked her "What do u htink u did wrong." She hasn't responded yet and that was like 20 min ago so im just asking what should I do? Should i just let her be and talk to her tomorrow or should i just text her telling her that she did nothing wrong and based off of tonight i wasn't mad or angry or anything at all because I dont think she did anything wrong. Any advice welcome. Thanks


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  • I think she was just apologising out of good will. It's nothing bad. Just tell her she did nothing wrong, and that she didn't hurt you in any shape or form. Tell her that she doesn't need to apologise what so ever, then move on, onto another topic.


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  • She probably feels bad for getting upset and pushing you