Should someone play "hard to get" or is it only a myth?

Hello, I wanted to know if girls are more likely to be attracted to someone that is hard to get or no.

There's a girl that I've been too nice with her and I didn't make myself as a challenge so she seems to not giving much attention to me after all the things I've done to her.

Fortunately, I've noticed this soon enough and will try to cut all contacts with her before she takes too much advantage of me.

What are you thoughts on this one?

Thank you.


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  • Or you're hard to get or you're not :/
    Don't play, don't send mixed signals on purpose


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  • You should be available more often than you're not but don't be available to her all the time. And you shouldn't be doing stuff for her unless she's earned it. If you have to do something for her then make sure she knows it by teasing her about it and make it sound like you're doing her a huge favour and that she owes you something for it.

    Bottom line, don't make yourself disposable to her. Otherwise she'll use you and take advantage of you.


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  • You should play "hard to get" only if you enjoy playing games and can accept the results of game-playing behaviors. It is not how sincere people have relationships.

  • It works with silly people who don't know how to value things or don't know what they want. Essentially what you are doing is the same as a shop making itself an 'exclusive boutique'. People silly enough to value things more if they come from a boutique than a warehouse will be more attracted. Sensible people won't.