What is she thinking?

So there is this girl I like in college. We started out as friends (met a couple months ago) and since then a lot has happened between us. I have been trying to put a couple moves on her and drop hints that I like her. One night, after a fun night out, I kissed her goodnight at her door. For about a week we continued as normal without really acknowledging the kiss, and one night I went over to her room to ask about it. She was very quiet and didn't make much eye contact with me (which she always does). She said she was worried if anything were to happen between us how it would affect our friendship, and said she wanted to just stay friends. The next night, after a fun night out again, we ran into each other in the hallway and she came into my dorm with me. She was REALLY touchy and flirty, and was undressing me saying "we need to get you to bed". However, dumb me, I was wayyy to drunk to make any good moves. Since then, she continues to come over a lot (she lives across the hall) like she has been all semester and things are still really flirty. We have also texted a decent amount over break. So why did she make these moves on me the night after she said she wanted to be friends? Why is she still being very flirty and coming over all the time? This continues to baffle me. Does she maybe want to try a relationship when we get back from break and just wasn't ready then? Thanks!



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  • Seems to me that she may be playing hard to get. It seems like she does like you though. I would try talking to her about it again. Maybe that one night she said I don't want to ruin our friendship she was confused and needed some time to think about it.


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