Good First Date Ideas?

I'm thinking about just going for a walk with her, but if they're any better ones then I will consider it. Give me your best first date ideas, people. Thanks in advance.


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  • For a first date, I like a movie and food afterward (doesn't have to be a full dinner, it could be getting ice cream). People say movies are a bad date idea because you don't get the chance to talk, but that's why I like to go out for food afterward. And if you don't really know the person or run out of things to talk about, you can always talk about the movie you just watched together!

    Just getting dinner or lunch can be fine too. I like to pick a restaurant at the mall, so when you finish eating if you want to spend more time together you walk around the mall (but if the date didn't go well you can also just leave after the meal).

    The only problem with going for a walk is that there is no clear start and end time. Which is fine if you know the person and are comfortable with each other, but first dates can sometimes be awkward so sometimes it's nice to know that you can end the date after the movie or after the meal if it's not going well, or even if it is fine you just run out of things to talk about.


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  • My favorite is getting a coffee/tea at a local cafe (not starbucks). It is the perfect setting for talking, cafes often have a very nice atmosphere. Other than than, after the coffee there is immediate freedom to do whatever you want to do. If she ends up being a serial killer (which i highly doubt, but still) you could end the date in a decent fashion then. If however it all went swimmingly, you could go for a walk with her then for example.

    A popular idea is going to the movies, but I am not a fan of this. During the movie, you can hardly talk, which is basically the point of the first date.


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  • On our first date, we went for dinner and then went for a walk in a park (the kind where it's up on a hill the overlooks the city and you can sit and talk while watching the night city lights). It was nice cos that's kinda like the first time he held my hand as we walked. And then we found a secluded area where we sat and talked and made out :)


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  • Depends a lot on where you live. If you live in a city, you shouldn't have to ask; you've got endless options.

    I do like first dates that allow you to talk a lot, so there's nothing wrong with a walk. You might turn it into a hike, though, or a walk along a particularly scenic area. Just walking around the mall is lame.

    It's harder this time of year, too, because there isn't as much stuff to do outside.

    • I live in a small city. The closest "big city" is about 30 minutes away from us. And yeah, I was thinking about going for a walk outdoors, it'd be pretty dumb to go for a walk in the mall.