Girls, does being a metalhead/rocker/punk make a guy unattractive to you?

Just curious because I am all three of those things hahhaha my friends say that I've essentially handicapped myself when it comes to girls just because of how I look and the music I listen to. Please share your thoughts :) thanks


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  • nah it doesn't, but common ground immediately decreases when it comes to musical taste. I'm okay with that, but yeah we won't b able to relate.

    • Musical compatablity is huge in relationships lol I don't know why but it totes is


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  • Dude, if you bout that life, you bout that life.

    It should not even occur to you to ask a question like this. Not in a thousand years, not even if half the world rejects you. You are who you are, their loss.

    You SURE you bout that life?

    • very sure hahahah I'm not gonna change any time soon

    • Ok. Well, if you walk that walk, you ain't gna mind some in-yr-face honesty, so, here you go.

      You're choosing a lifestyle that revolves around sticking up a giant middle finger to the greater society. Which is cool, but... again, at the risk of repeating myself ad nauseam, you gotta be bout that life.

      Yr type will appeal to lots and lots of women. But, boy, odds are a lot higher that they're mostly gna be women like me. That is, women who've had violent rape fantasies since age 10, who turned pubescent on bloody gore stories, and who are, sexually at least, pretty much gna be sick fucks beyond yr wildest imagination.

      It's also likely that yr type will appeal to women who have a STRONG need to be dominated, and who will test that domination ruthlessly and relentlessly. Again... better be bout that life, bc these girls will not be easy to keep in yr stable.

      And, finally, don't take this the wrong way, but... you write like an 11-year-old girl. That needs to change, dude, forthwith.

  • Sorry but true

  • The music wouldn't bother me, but the look would.