Girls, I need help with my girlfriend's best friend?

Me and my girlfriend has been together for 3 months and its been a rough road. We had sex a few weeks ago and last week, she told her best friend and now her best friend is naggin at her talking bad about me. I really love this girl but tell me what you think. The other day, I was at her house and she was texting her friend the whole time. Then about 30 minutes before I had to leave I said "baby can you put the phone down for 30 minutes and spend time with me." Long story short she still texted her. Then the next day, she went to stay the night with her best friend, and she was taking forever to text me back. Then she kept telling me she had to text me later because she didn't want to be rude to her best friend. But she was rude to me the night before. Me and her only hung out for 4 hours but she was with her friend all day. She couldn't tell her friend bye for 30 minutes but constantly told me she had to go when she had over a day with her. And then I found out her best friend told her she don't like me and that she wants her to break up with me. Then today she sent a screenshot of what her friend said and her friend said I need to tell you something but don't tell your boyfriend. I'm sorry but it's kinda making me mad and I need some advice from other girls. Can you help me please.

And she keeps telling her friend everything we do and about every fight even after I ask her to keel our relationship between us.


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  • Does not sound like she is treating you with respect at all and is heavily influenced by her friend who probably doesn't like you because you are competition for your girlfriend's attention. You are right if she is spending time with you then she should be with you and not text her friend. You can firstly try talk to her how it affects you, and see if you can get her to agree to change her ways. If that fails break up with her - either you will find someone else who will treat you better, or she will realise what she has lost and want you back and realise she needs to change how she treats you in order to keep you.

    • Thank you I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in the wrong by being mad over this.

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    • She said it was because she didn't want to make her friend mad but I told her it was bothering me that night. I am in love with this girl. I was raised to sleep with the girl u plan on marrying. I gave her my virginity. But now I'm having second thoughts about this.

    • I understand it is tough to go. against how you are raised. But a woman puts her man first (until. children come along) and it sounds like she is like a bunch of my ex's - they have no interest in creating a relationship that works for both people, which is a fundamental requirement for a relationship. It may be just immaturity on her part but I was with a 46 year old who still had not learned that a relationship needs open mindedness, compassion, and a willingness to find solutions that satisfy both parties. As for your beliefs, well you only live once and you need to make ot the most fulfilling and happy life you can. Dont allow your prior choices dictate your future - make your future choices the best ones you can. Dont be licked into a bad choice because of beliefs or the expectations of others. Ok you slept with her and. that was the choice you made with the best information at the time, you now have new information about her so make yoir next choice based on what you now know


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  • Sounds like her best friend is a nasty, jealous, controlling *****. Her fake friend doesn't like that she has a boyfriend. If I were you, I would be honest about it to both your girl and her best friend.

  • Sounds like her friend is jealous of losein her friend so made some random excuse to not like you to try and complicate your relationship.