How can you tell during the first few dates if a guy likes you as potential girlfriend material or just wants sex from you?

Wondering!! It seems so hard to tell, is there a way to know or just roll with it and risk getting hurt?


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  • okay stop being stupid how about you just ask him you can't read minds trust me your not that smart

    • Yea but doesn't that come off as needy or pushy? A guy friend of mine said I should never ask that question, they could lie anyway and I'd never know.

    • no it doesn't come off as needy especially around your age, here's the issue with guys now a days we lie to make the girl happy, I going to make a mytake on this actually, we lie to make you happy instead of being honest cause we want women to like us, think about it like this you know the whole gay movement thats been going, most men will agree with it especially in front of women cause they know most women like it, but in private they don't agree with it at all they hate it, but they'll say yes to make themselves more appealing, I on the other hand am a different story I've been blocked by plenty of women for stating my opinion, cause they don't like what I gotta say, I promise the guy you are talking to has lied too you already, now do you wanna date a liar or someone who hurts your feelings but tells you the truth

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  • I would just try to have a talk with him. Ask him casually about his job and his future plans and see what he says 👍 That way, you're not probing too much but you should get a good answer. Also, if he talks about himself a lot and doesn't seem to be trying to get to know you personally, he probably just wants to hook up. Follow your gut feeling... it can take a few weeks to figure it out, but that's just a part of dating unfortunately.


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  • If he tried getting in your pants the first two dates he's only in it for sex. Trust me.


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  • Well every guy want sex of course! No brainer there. But I am guessing you should see his actions.