Hello everyone. I recently met a girl on tinder a few days ago. She is the same age as me (15) but live in another country. I live in Denmark and she live in Sweden, but there is not that far distance. We started texting each other for 4 days ago and we have had 2 conversations where i started them both. First saying hi and asking if she had snapchat so we could continue our conversation over there.
So my question is... should I give her some space now and wait for her to text me? I've not wrote to her in 2 days nearly and she hasn't started any conversations yet. We had two very funny conversation and she seemed to be interested in me. She asked me about a lot of things and I did too. She didn't have any short replies like ¨okay¨ and on, and on... she just seemed to like me, but I may be wrong. She also wrote a heart emojy when she said goodnight the first time we wrote. (I know that might not mean anything but yeah) So girls out there.. please help me.
Best regards Emil!


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