Does any of you panic at the start of a new relationship?

Do you ever get that feeling that he/she is a great person, but you can't help but asking yourself if there could be something better out there? It is the second time this happens to me and it's so annoying. I feel I should give that guy a chance, but at the same time I am afraid on missing out on something better. Which sounds horrible, I know. I feel like there's something wrong with me and I'm going to end up alone if I keep being afraid of commitment.


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  • It's never happened to me. When I'm ready to commit, I actually find that I'm excited to do it. I want that title and I want her to be all mine.


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  • nah i dont, I'm fine with the thrills of a new relationship. i just stay true to myself and take it a day at a time. u just gotta let go and see where it takes u.
    commitment is never a bad thing. it can be amazing when u give yourself to the right person. it's that decision that takes a lot of time though.