Why do girls (or guys) do this?

So when you're in a serious relationship, why does your partner droll over a celebrity, model, or professional athlete? I know I'm not nearly as "perfect" as some of these guys, but when I'm pretty damn confident as is, being told "I probably leave if he ever asked me to marry him" in general still hurts like a bitch. I'd never post pictures of hot models or say "I'd fuck that" like most girls would over Channing Tatum, because I'd leave an impression that I'd wish my girlfriend would look like that on her.

She's already gotten pissed because I mentioned Emma Stone as just beautiful. So why would she mention this to me about someone like Kevin Hart? I'm not black and not a comedian with a shit ton of money, so it DOES make me a bit ensecure knowing that I'm not what catches her eye.

Has anyone else thought this and I'm taking it a bit over board? Honestly.


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  • you can always politely ask them not to.

    i had an ex who didn't appreciate vocal lusting over celebrities... i found this out when i made a comment about emily blunt while we watched looper.

    eh, from then i kept the impulses to remark at bay... in return, i never once heard her comment on another male ever. it was worth the sacrifice.

  • I do all the time. Just talk to her about it and let her know it makes you feel like that. Just be like will you still love me if i dont make a lot of money etc. and watch her tendencies towards money and fame. But hey my girlfriend fucked a famous college football player so be happy you ain't me! i lived your nightmare. honestly any girl is going to leave for fame.

  • It's funny how it's ok for her to act that way but not for you, I would get annoyed too