Girl from gym is giving me the silent treatment and going distant?

i'm not really sure what is going on here , as although i first meet her earlier this year i don't know for sure if she is single or not. i don't know if she just wants to be left alone to work out by herself or if she enjoyed my attention when we first meet and she had wanted to date me. but anyways i did feel i had a good connection with her earlier this year then i took a break from gym during summer and saw her again about a month ago and said hi and we talked abit that day.
but since things have been weird whenever i see her and i tried to talk to her one day but she blew me off and another had her headphones one and didn't hear me or was ignoring me. i'm frustrated cause i really liked her and she seemed like a great girl who had it all , good looks , a job , nice personality
i'm not really sure about gym etiqute and all , maybe this is normal or maybe she's just annoyed at me specifcally , i don't really talk to any other girls at this gym to be honest


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  • I think you need to ask her why she doing it!


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  • I have been going to gyms for over 25 years. You are bothering her! People go to workout and most do not have time or want to be bothered. Many people are very busy and do want to spend any more time at the gym than needed. They want to get in, get their workout over with and go home. They don't go there with the expectation to have a conversation with people. This doesn't mean that the gym is off-limits to meeting people though. In fact, it can be a great way to meet someone. If you want to talk to someone you have to use some good timing and simple common sense. Never try to talk to someone as they are actually using a machine, lifting or running. You will make them lose their concentration or lose count. Always wait until they are done and resting, or getting a drink. Remember, they are there to workout, so don't go on and on and on in your conversation if you do get one going because they don't want to cool down or get out of rhythm. I would sorta restart with her as if you never met her before, and simply start with saying "hi". Nice and easy and quick and then go from there.

    • maybe but she was ok with talking to me at first , what changed? did it not appear to be going anywhere? did our conversations have no point to her? did she think I liked her too much?

    • She may have been interested before and has lost it since nothing happened, maybe she is also annoyed you never made a move. Maybe before she was more open to conversation, but now she is more focused on working out and not in the mood to meet anyone.

    • she's good looking but doesn't appear to know anyone else there , to add more details she also told me she moved here for work and was from another city so I assumed she didn't really have any friends here other than from work maybe. I do wonder if she was annoyed nothing happened earlier this year and maybe feels nothing is now either but I did want to date her


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  • If she wanted to get to know you she would have given you her number by now. Gym is for workouts not flirting.

    • thing is I never asked for her # in the spring when we first meet , she might of gave me some way to keep in touch back then

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  • Don't interrupt her workout, man. This is not cool! Wait until she's done... Rest periods and mental focus is important! Take care.

    • I don't try and talk to her when she is working out or doing stuff , I had tried to talk to her at front entrance and area where people get ready for gym and put shoes on etc