Does he like me if we keep having sex?

Me and this guy who I've known for a few years been having sex. We have the type of relationship where we don't talk about our personal lifestyle or anything. And we have a great bond and enjoy having sex with each other. I know he had a girlfriend and I'm single but I kinda like him and I think he's starting to like me and catch feelings. He gets upset if I don't reply to his text fast enough or if I don't seem excited to talk to him or see him. When we hangout he's all on me kissing me etc.. then of course I started catching feelings but never came to him and told him. So I didn't talk to him for a month and for that month he kept texting me. And I was confused because I'm like if you have a girlfriend why are you bugging me like that if you don't like me in that way, maybe it is for sex but if he would ignore me I wouldn't trip I just wouldn't say anything. When were together he's soo attentive and etc.. and I don't wanna catch feelings like that because would if it is just sex and we used to date a few years back even said I love you to each other, but I know he has to have a girlfriend or something but I don't know if he has feelings me in that way. I feel like he should come to me but he never says anything he just gets upset at me for not texting back or talking to other guys. I don't know if I should leave him alone or... what?


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  • Ask him what the two of you are

    • I would ask him but I don't wanna seem desperate like he's the guy he's supposed to come to me and make it know that he wants something more

    • Stop fucking him and see how long he stays

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  • Your friend with benefits nothing more nothing less. Personally I think you're being used

    • I agree so I guess it's better to move on.

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    • I know he'll text me and keep texting me if I ignore him and I don't wanna tell him like oh leave me alone when it's like he should know like how long are we gonna keep doing this if it isn't gonna go anywhere

    • I am afraid that I'm different than you. I would text him and let him know it's over. You keep leaving him on because you're afraid. Here's what I say, "name -- please don't text me anymore. I am finding it difficult to end this relationship but that is exactly what I want. The difficulty is I'm afraid of hurting you but it's come to the point where I don't want to hurt myself by keeping this nonrelationship going. So this is the end I will not be texting you again. Have a good evening."


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  • He may have feelings for you, but clearly they aren't strong enough to leave his girlfriend. You make it easy for him to have sex with you when you did, and sometimes people over react not because they feel like you don't like them but because they are probably already paranoid because theyre cheating on their partner.. so its just paranoia about you being upset with him if you two are use to instant responses.

  • You're pathetic for sleeping with a guy that has a girlfriend. There's a thing called karma and you're gonna get yours. I have no sympathy for you. I hope he f*cks you over.