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Well me and this guy met two months ago. He's a massage therapist and I met him when I went to get a massage from this place I go monthly. He was my therapist for the day, and the attraction was instant. After my massage was over, I found him on Facebook and that's how everything started. We began talking and he even invited me to spend Thanksgiving with him. I met his parents, we got drunk and had some amazing sex and I spent the night. The next day I went home and texted him that I had a great time and miss him already. This is when he began saying that he wanted to take things slow, and saying things like "I miss you" made him feel like we were rushing things. I'm 20 and he's 31. Over time we spent more and more time together. He told me he's only had 6 partners and I've had about 14. He's very sexual with me but told me he isn't a sexual person. We argue sometimes, and when I get angry, he thinks it's cute and he'll call me to calm me down. On Christmas, we were arguing over the fact that I wanted to be something more than just dating. He blew up and told me he just wanted to fuck with no strings attached. Later he told me he was really drunk when he said that. I was pretty much done with him at that point, so when he came back from his trip, he came over to return my stuff, and instead we ended up talking and making up. Since then he's been showing he cares more about me and he's even started calling me babe. But when I asked him a couple days ago if he still considers me a fuck buddy he got really angry and said yes. Now I'm hurt over it and I find myself blowing up his phone with emotional texts and I feel like I'm just piushing him away more and more. What can I do to fix this, or to make him want me more? I want to reverse the roles and o don't know what's going on in his head. Help!


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  • Huh that's a tough situation


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  • You are nothing to him but a piece of ass. He's taking advantage of you unless you want them to take advantage of you. He has no interest in you personally as a marriage partner. He's dancing around you and because he's older he has the advantage of being able to dance around you better than you can interpret. You will never marry him and he will never agree to marry you. When push comes to shove you are nothing but a fuck buddy to him. Sorry to lay it out so hard but you want to hear the truth, that's the truth


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  • Move on. If he hasn't made up his mind by now whether or not he wants to be with you, then it won't happen. He is just using you for sex and wants you only as a fuck buddy and nothing more. I suggest you break it off.


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  • He doesn't want you don't waste your time normally guys know what they want he told you twice so except it or leave it