Birthday text to send to my crush?

Long story short. I'm hardcore diggin on this girl. We have know eachother forever. She used to like me when I didn't like her. Now the roles are flipped and I'm trying to pull her back in haha. So girls what would you want to see from a guy on your birthday? And guys what have you sent? I don't want it to be to "friendly" like every other text she gets. But not to flirty as well. Anything helps.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Definitely make sure your grammar is right (*too not to) and just be genuine. Just say "Happy birthday, I hope you have a fantastic day. Let me know how it went :) "

  • Ugh guys like you are annoying. Leave her alone

    • The hells wrong with you? What if I Wanna marry this girl one day. "Guys like you" lol. Glad you could get a sense of what kind of man I am from a paragraph. Blocked for stupidity

What Guys Said 1

  • I wasn't successful (as in she's not my GF) but I asked her for her address so I could send her something. I ended up dropping it off on her porch at like 3am on her birthday.

    It was a series of messages/clues that led to her being Rick Rolled, plus The Princess Bride book, plus an aerial firework.