Planning to fly just to see him but he told me he is seeing someone else at the moment so he is not sure if there will be any sex?

I kind of knew that he's gonna meet someone else but hearing it directly from him broke my heart. It was just a fling between us to begin with. But i honestly liked him.

He told me though, that in case I visit we can still meet and he will show me around. I honestly wouldn't want that, i will just feel awkward and i think he is just being polite. What should i reply? And should i delete him from facebook now 😔


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  • He just used you for sex like a towel

    • So should i delete him off my life already?

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  • So... You're flying to see someone who isn't even available? That sounds like a waste of a trip if you're going with the intent to have sex or something. Just leave him to his new beau.

    • Yeah. I wouldn't waste time and money. Glad he told me


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  • I would take the money your going to spend on a plane ticket to go see him and take a trip someplace and relax with OUT him...

    • I thanked him for his offer but i said i wouldn't be too comfortable with that. I bid my farewell by saying best of luck to him. I still have a lot to learn!

    • you did the best thing for your self... you will find someone who will treat you like the queen you are...

    • Thank you dear.

  • I think you should tell him that its not best to see him whilst he's with someone else and that it would be a tease to have him there infront of you knowing you can't have him because you respect the relationship. Maybe in the future and wish him luck with his life or something I don't know.