Will she still want to be friends after I tell her I like her?

I'm going to tell the girl I like that I like her sometime in the next few weeks. If I tell her I like her, and she turns me down (which I expect because we are starting to go separate ways, she might even move away this summer) will she still be my friend or will she think it's awkward? I value our friendship and this is my only aprehension about telling her.


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  • you can still be friends, just make it clear that that is a possibility for you.


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  • If you don't try you won't know, it can either turn out good or bad. Maybe she liked you a lot in the past and things cooled down and maybe if u tell her how u feel about her now she will be all in love again. Who knows man! It's a risk but everything has its consequences. You want clarity right? If you have feelings for her then you should tell her that. If not she will leave anyways either to a diferent place or to a diferent guy. Have courage!