Can someone help me please?

so i asked this guy out yestereday and he said that he needed to think! how long does it normally take guys if they want to go out with you and explain if he likes you?


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  • how long would it take you to think if a guy you like asked?

    • if I liked them I would say yes straight away!

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    • There isn't a job offer on the table that'd cause me to ghost my current job. I'm considerate to those around me. I'd put in my two weeks w/ a formal letter of resignation.

    • A first impression is important, a last impression is forever.

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  • this is relevant to each guy, we can't help you with this cs there is no facts.


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  • if someone ask me like that and I like her so I'd say yes/ok at the same time... what should I think about it

    • im not sure so that basically means he dosnt like me in the same way (probably)

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    • was he in relationship with someone else during this?

    • @archiz he hasn't had a relationship, but who knows maybe because we have been friends for so long he's thinking if this might reck our friendship all together

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  • Lol last time I did that with a guy and he said let me think he ended up avoiding me and then said he doesn't wanna date so errrrrr

    • Oh! But when i told him that I said some stuff and I was like hope you understand and he said he did so I hope he dosnt avoid me! But he's a good friend of mine