Asking for a kiss?

Instead of it just letting it happen spontaneously, why would a guy just ask for a kiss when you just met him that night? Is that too forward?


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  • Personally I think that's the wrong move. I would never ask a girl her permission to kiss her. That just shows I'm not confident in myself or my actions. If I were the guy and I felt that you liked me enough I would kiss you without you even expecting it. But I think asking is just plain awkward and insecure. And yes, it is too forward.


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  • I've done this before, for two reasons: out of fear of moving in for the kiss and being rejected, and out of respect for the girl. But in most cases I just let it happen

    And it's just as forward as you want to make it. If you two are both feeling it, then it's fine, but if you aren't, then say "look we just met... all in good time" or something less stupid sounding.

  • He's not romantic. Maybe he really wanted a kiss. Believe it or not, some men do that and if they don't get a kiss then they get disappointed and they begin to think the girl doesn't like them


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