Girls want guys to chase them?

This is obviously a generalization but do girls want guys they like to double text them. Try to call them. Send them good night & good morning texts? Do they want this from guys they like even though they don't reply?

Do girls not reply on purpose to see how much the guy really wants to be with her?


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  • Yes. A lot of girls want that and do that. I personally think it's reassuring when I see that a guy is actively showing me that they're trying and are letting me know that they're interested by sending double texts, trying to call me, and sending me good morning and good night texts. I would reply if I also liked the guy. If I didn't respond I'm not interested. I would only purposely ignore him later on in the relationship if he did something I didn't like and I wanted to see how much he really liked me.


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  • No. Girls do not want guys to chase them. Girls like to chase guys. Important life lesson just learned. Your welcome.


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  • Personally I dont like guys double texting me. I think like a guy. If guy is too keen, i get turned off. The more he sends me messages, even when im not replying, the more i stay away.

    As a girl, im not really much of a texter. I can text a guy continously but for 30 mins or so only. After that, I go back with my life. So its all good if there is always a space when texting. Its good for both parties. Give the benefit of doubt 😉 Its much more interesting that way.

    • Agreed! But I mean it in terms of chasing after her in a laid back not so in your face way... like sending her songs, motivational pictures, etc so she knows you're giving effort.

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    • Sounds good!!

    • Thanks!

  • I like when guys double text me, it shows me that they are interested in me. Some girls don't reply on purpose to see if the guy really wants them


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