Is it weird for a girl to tell you she likes you then cut contact?

I had a good female friend say she liked me and I replied that I was the same. She said she was looking forward to hanging out over the holidays. She said she wants to be 100% straight with me because she cares for me, likes my company and says she sees us togteher.
I gave her my hoodie, puck and beanie and they all mean something to me (she hasn't returned them or anything) I bought her a small gift and flowers (we do this already) and sent them to her for Christmas. However she has not acknowledged the receipt of them nor has she spoken to me since early December.
I asked her what we were and said I don't mind if it hurts but I just want to know, with no reply as well as seeing her and she said she wasn't mad and I didn't do anything but she doesn't feel like talking. But will talk to me when ready. Is there a good reason for the silence? Do you tell someone you feel like you're in a relationship and then turn around a week later?

Is this a normal reaction? Would she no longer like me because I told her I liked her and wanted to give a relationship a real crack? Were the gifts too much? How long am I going to have to wait to hear from her/will I hear from her?

Also any advice on the situation or how to proceed is appreciated :)


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  • Hmmm... what I receiving from her actions is that she either didn't like you that much in the first place and spoke too quickly and now doesn't know what to do, or something happened that has stunned her pretty bad and she just needs some time. I'm sorry if my response sounds really brutal but if I was acting that way those would be the reasons why.
    As for what you should do, just give her some time. If she's as good of a friend as you say then she'll come around and tell you what's up, but if not then I don't think it was going anywhere and that you should move on.
    Hope this helps...

    • Great advice, she has had a history of times when she has felt almost depressed so she may be going through something like this, either way I just have to give her space and hope she reveals a reason

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  • Yes, it's weird but then she may have her reasons for doing that also

    • Hey, I just messaged her again saying I hope travels are going well, I'm still giving you your space but know I'm here if you need me Now this message has been seen but no reply.

      Is it too much to send that? Does this indicate that she is angry or doesn't like me/want to talk?

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  • There are some people who play games with others. They pretend to show interest and then drop them off the face of the Earth. She could be one of these women.

    • I would have thought so except we were really good friends and super close before seeing each other so it's a unique situation. I gotta just wait it out I think, don't you think that would b best?

    • Waiting it out would help. She could have also gotten scared or had insecurities rise up. I would ask her friends.

    • Great, but if I don't know her friends or she is barely speaking to any of them then how would I know? Should I just wait it out?

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  • The amount of times this has happen to me, especially recently. I don't get why they cut of contact, when they clearly showed interest for a while, and all of a sudden they ignore you. I don't chase people so i wasn't worried. Just a little annoyed, bloody time wasters.

  • When you said I don't mind if it hurts you came across as lacking self respect and doubting yourself. So my guess is she had second thoughts about you.

    • but he said that after she hadn't talked to him for a while

    • @thatkaruguy Well if she had any doubts before dropping contact, that sealed the deal.

    • We will have to wait and see, although this is a possibility I find it hard that she would ignore me as a best friend without a reason

  • This is totally normal.
    It happens every day.

    You could be making love on Wednesday, and she will be ignoring you on Friday.
    You can call her a thousand times and look like a desperate clown.
    You can cry to the moon and scream at the gods.
    You can swallow that empty terrible pain in your soul.

    Or, you can focus on something else for a few months and never EVER give gifts to a girl again until you have been involved seriously for a few months.

  • It was just half jokingly said OR she freaked out. Take your pick.

  • She either got a better offer or her favorite aunt died. :)

  • Chicks are crazy and unpredictable