I am 25 and she's 20, could it work out?

I know age doesn't mean anything. Me and her have a lot incommon. It's just she's a party/bar girl. Nothing wrong with it. It's just I've been there done that. I use to go out all the time when I was her age but then I got older and stopped. Mainly cause I got a temper when I drink so to me it's not worth hurting myself or someone else. When I do drink it's with close friends by a camp fire in the summer. And I only have one not even finish it sometimes. Could it work this relationship?


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  • It sounds like you two have a lot in common, but your lifestyles are super different. Being that you're 25 and she's 20, mathematically it works out alright but at the same time, your age gap will most definitely have an impact on how your relationship functions. You'd have to take turns picking what to do, etc. Also, you'd have to really like college parties and the environment in general to have a decent shot. After all, that's all this girl knows. Plus, the maturity factor could play in, since you've had more life experience.
    My numeric rule, as a teenager, is no more than two up and two down. However, the rule I see most common in people in their twenties is if a) they did/could have gone to high school together, or b) if the elder person was at most in kindergarten (4-6 years old) when the younger person was born.

    • I had a rule that I'd only date a year younger or year older. Nothing worked out. I know age difference isn't an issue do to my parents are five years apart. They met when my mom was 16 and dad was 21. They've been married 20+ years. My concern is being labeled as "old or boring" lol just cause I don't party anymore.

    • yes... okay, maybe being old and boring isn't your concern anymore. But if she's a bit of a bar girl, then there's a good chance she'd want you to go out with her sometimes, and if you two find yourselves having lifestyles that different it might become a problem.

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  • Same age as my girlfriend and I am 40.
    You are too young to be drinking.


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  • Yeah could of!

  • Yes it could work if you're compatible enough and you communicate well. Just like with any other relationship.


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