Why do I always end up dating guys who let themselves get fat once they r comfortable with me?

I'm really skinny but don't work out much and can be kinda lazy sometimes. I do eat pretty healthy though. The guys I date tend to just let themselves get fat by eating all the junk food they want while I just watch in disgust as they get bigger and bigger. Is it just a coincidence that this has happened so many times or is there more to it?


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  • It's very common for both men and women to gain a little weight if they are comfortable in a relationship, but as others said, if the amount of weight gain is not gonna work for you, maybe look for guys that take better care of themselves. Alternatively, you could gently try to encourage they eat healthier (very easy way to do it is prepare meals for them, if you enjoy cooking), or even better, suggest that you guys go to a gym together sometimes, or go hiking or biking or some shit. That way you're still spending time together, it isn't like you're tryin to control them, and even though you might already be skinny and eat healthy, exercise is good for anyone =D


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  • The average guy is going to gain weight as he ages.

    This sounds very important to you, so go for guys that are socially accountable for their appearance, like models and fitness gurus.

    • I am talking about guys I only date for a few months. It's nothing to do with ageing guys twice their age are often skinnier. This makes no sense.

    • Exactly how many "guys" are you referring to?

      Maybe you're unlucky. Some guys work hard only to impress women (extrinsic motivation) so when you eliminate the need to impress women, they aren't motivated to stay fit.

  • Have you considered just telling your boys that you find a trim body attractive?

    Sometimes its just easier to get what you want by asking, instead of hoping.

  • That's what people do.

  • Date guys then who actively go to the gym and like to work out.


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