Do you think my boyfriend actually likes me or do you think he's just not very thoughtful?

I just feel tired of giving every thing I can - and it would be nice for once to have a guy take care of me :) my ex drained me to death - i was a wreck when he finished with me after him cheating & put downs etc & in all honesty I am feeling tired in life & getting fed up of living


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  • I think you be better with me


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  • Honestly it's hard to tell. He seems like he's immature and is really picky about things with a quick temper. It doesn't sound like he DOESN'T like you, but it also doesn't sound like a good candidate to settle down with and build a family. Doesn't sound like he'd be a good father either. He seems very disrespectful. I would consider finding a more family oriented man if that's what you're looking for in the long run.