Girls, How should a guy act during a study session? What behaviors yield the best results and a potential date?

This girl and I are supposed to meet next week to go over some material she missed in class. I do find her attractive and we have texted a little bit, mostly about class work though.

What behavior would be best and what behavior would be out-of-line? I do see the potential of getting to know her a bit more during our studying but I don't want to come off too strong.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Bruh, she's just meeting up with you to study. She's not looking for something else, in all likelihood. Keep the eggplant in the fridge.


What Guys Said 1

  • Focus on your work when you're studying. Don't get distracted. She won't expect or appreciate you making any sort of move when you're both supposed to be working.

    However... AFTER you're done studying, you could ask her out to coffee. That's a harmless, yet benevolent gesture that gives you the opportunity to get to know her more as a person, so she isn't just your study-buddy anymore.