What do I DOoo? He is so handsome; the sex is great; but he doesn't stimulate me otherwise?

So there's this guy I met New Year's Eve. We both go to different colleges & are 21. I don't have sex often, if ever, but I wanted to have fun that night and decided why not... Because his body is a 10/10, his face is too... Total mutual attraction. We had great sex (of course I have only had sex with one other guy so it's only a comparison to him) but honestly we are one when we have sex. We've had sex twice so far & are planning to again. He pleasures me and we are into the same sexual stuff. Just on POINT together. I have never felt as if I wanted a guy to melt into me as I have with him. When we are naked on each other I honestly don't want him to ever leave.

but the sex ends, and we lay there and talk for a bit... Or when we text or snapchat, we are off. He's super nice & a softy kind of guy. But he doesn't have much depth... I just don't sense that he has questioned or challenged a lot of things in life or thinks that deeply. I'm a huge introvert and spend way too much time reading and studying... And he doesn't I guess. It's like we are mismatched in discussion topics because I'll say something and it won't go anywhere but if I modify it to how I think he would like it; then he is more receptive. I don't know what to do because i crave him like no other guy before. But our interests are so different.


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  • Just take it for what it is. I think a lot of people miss out on wonderful experiences in life because they over analyze things. So you're both 21? Don't look for long term right now, look for people and experiences that excite you and that you can learn from. And above all else, fucking live it up! You're only 21 and in college once.


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  • Keep him around as a fuck buddy and continue having deep conversations with your friends.
    A relationship with him won't lead anywhere.


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  • I predict you'll have the opposite problem with the next guy. He'll stimulate you intellectually but you won't find him as attractive or enjoy the sex as much as you did with this guy.

  • what's the problem aside from you creating problems in your head.

  • You don't have to have same interests to be compatible. It may even be a blessing in disguise because you two may be quite different and you can both learn good/new things from each other. I typically find I have much better enjoyment with people who are quite different than myself. I like to learn and grow as a person when I am with someone and I can't learn much from someone who is exactly like me.

    Instead of looking at him as someone who isn't deep or thinks much about anything, look at to what you can learn from him. And as for you, intrigue his mind with some of the things you know and show him the beauty of analyzing deeper. Many times, people can pick up on your way of viewing things if you don't push it off on them as being absolute (even if you know it is.)


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