Conversation starters?

K guys I need answers quick. Taking this girl to dinner and maybe a movie that I barely know and I'll be picking her up. What can I talk about on the ride there?

Sorry guys for not responding but thanks for your replys though so again thanks!!


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  • Talk about her study, hobbies, job, music taste, the food and ask further questions about anything she says. If you feel like telling about yourself as a response to what she tells you, feel free too. Keep it balanced. Ask if she has pets, a large family, wether she likes it, anything to get it started or start again when conversations lulls.

    You dont have to use all topics of course, just as much as you need :) good luck with your date!


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  • Anything that comes to mind! Do NOT be forced!
    First time I went to get pizza with a girl, we already knew each other, we were coworkers, but we drove and walked around for about 3 hours just talking. And I wasn't thinking about "OMG what do I say next".

    If you can manage to talk with this girl without thinking about it too hard, and you don't have to force yourself, then you know she's a good one.
    And if she likes you, she'll do lots of talking too.


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  • Does it have to be a movie? And does she know the plan?

  • Why not ask about what she got up to in the day.