How can I learn to forgive?

when I make a mistake I feel AWFUL so AWFUL, like suicidal awful. Today I put my cousin in the train but that train wasn't riding because of that she misses her flight and has to buy a new ticket, if I had only listen to her she would have been on the right train. How can I forgive myself?


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  • Hey, it happened. It's in the past now. You can't time travel back and change, correct or try to prevent your mistake. Just don't overthink it. Crying or moping about it isn't worth it and won't fix the problem anyway. If you could just try and mitigate things by sincerely apologizing to your cousin and that you would always listen to her regarding something like this should there be a next time. And do the best that you could to make up for your mistakes, such as paying for her new flight ticket or something.


What Girls Said 1

  • It's okay. You made a mistake. Mistakes happen. The only thing you can do is LEARN from them.