This girl and I have been talking for about 6 months literally everyday and have sex, but she says we are bestfriends? What does that even mean?

I'm very confused because we act like boyfriend and girlfriend we both say I love you and talk everyday and about everything! We go on dinner dates we do everything couples do, but she refuses to say we are officially boyfriend and girlfriend she says we are bestfriends! What does this mean ladies?


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  • Sounds like a friends with benefits situation

    • But she acts like way more then friends, I mean she calls me everyday says goodnight to me every night, we say I love you even while having sex, and on the phone.. she even introduced me to some of her family!

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    • @Tha_Girl So basically I'm a screwed lol

    • Yeah probably unless she's not that kind of girl

  • I think you should have established some sort of relationship long ago when this started happening and ended it if she didn't want one. Because if that's what you want then it seems like you won't get it now.

    • How do I end it because I tried one time I cutt off communication with her and felt so bad because she would text me and call me, I mean it's clear the girl loves me but why label us as bestfriends

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    • Do you think she is?

    • I have no clue to be honest, I don't think she is but ya never know?

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