Should I contact him when I'm back home or forget about it?

Well, first off I'm a travel nurse but stay within 3-5 hours of my home. I've been trying to date to find something meaningful at this time in my life. I met this guy near my home location on an online dating site before I left for my new assignment. We had a great time together and had been texting one another for a couple of weeks prior to the date. Also, during the date he showed me his apartment (fyi he's an architect) and he mentioned to me that he was hoping to find a roommate in June because his roommate will be moving out and he would like to keep the place. Without thinking, I said that I would be interested and he seemed to like the idea of us being roommates. At the end of the date he said to contact him whenever I'm back home to do something again. My concern is we haven't talked since that last date and I wanted to get to know him more. I waited for him to text/call me but he hasn't. Should I just leave it and wait til I'm back home to see him again. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks guys!


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  • If you like the guy, I suggest you try to stay in touch with him. He may not be calling you because he doesn't want to bother you or distract you. Call him every once in a while to ask him how he is or else he might lose interest and look for someone else.

  • Just call him


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  • Only if you want to.