What should I do?

So I've been talking to my crush since December. He introduced me to his family and his friends. He would show he really liked me and showed me off but recently he just stopped talking to me. I saw him at a show on Friday and he spoked to me like he wasn't ignoring my texts. He would stare at me. I'm just so confused. His life at home seems fine. He has a loving understanding family. He's always hanging out with friends. We have a mutual friend and she told me he really likes me but he's a complicated person. i didn't want to ask her too much questions so that's all I know... I even confronted him about us and asked if he wanted a friends with benefits kind of thing but he said he wasn't like that and that he really likes me (asked before he started ignoring my texts) Now I'm probably going to see him on Saturday and I have no idea what to say or do when I see him. Should I go with the flow or try to make him realize what he has before it's gone and talk to other people at the show?


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  • Maybe he has been hurt before by women? Trying to take it slow? Just offer to be there for him and make sure he knows you are.

    • I feel his vibes and I think he's scared to take it to the next level. I do feel his love though. I don't know but I can tell he likes me. Since right were not talking I think it's a good time to just let him think. Definitely taking it slow (: I'm going to see him this Saturday so we'll talk as friends of course. Last show we saw each other everything went well so hopefully things will go swell again ☺️ thank you !

    • Hopefully it goes well again! 😊 good luck!

  • is it just me or do most these people never hit enter? some white space would be nice.


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  • Do you know anything about his past? Sounds like he really likes you and he's nervous about being hurt. He's probably either trying to detach or get to know you better before seriously pursuing you

    • No I don't but will find out ! Haha yeah that's exactly how it sounds to me. As for right now I feel like he's trying to detach. I'm not worried though. I'll give him space (: maybe he needs time to think. Thank you ✨